"The air is not going anywhere, so breathe as much as you like."--------
Title: Howl's Moving Castle Theme
Artist: Howl's Moving Castle
Album: Studio Ghibli
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Gods do not have human traits.

If you need recognition for doing something nice then you aren’t doing it for the right reasons.


Gold is a king’s disease #sketch #kings #ink #gold


absorb this for a good hour, after you looked at it just look at again, incase you missed the big picture


Lunar: Silver Star Story — Windows — Game Arts (1999)

Pretty much the most sublime thing ever.

wurmcoil replied to your post: Whoa my heart was actually racing ther…

What were you listening to that did this?

I was listening to a violin/piano duo called Yume Duo (Youtube: Furyxx).. I love music that evokes a feeling or emotion naturally without having to search for it. This duo seemed to really bring that out of the music not to mention they are very technically talented.. I enjoyed their music so much I actually marathoned everything they’ve posted haha..

It made me realize I want to start listening to more violin and especially accompanied by piano.. There’s something about the violin that strikes me; The control over vibrato, those quick runs have a lot of impact, and when you hit that certain note it just tugs at dem heart strings.. I always had a soft spot for piano so it seems the perfect combo.

Also worth mentioning.. A old piece by Motoi Sakuraba called Venerable Forrest came on midway through typing this and I forgot how to think for a good 30 seconds.





yay, for five seconds we can ignore who is ‘leading’ us and be proud of fellow aussies

I’m moving to fucking australia 

Whoa my heart was actually racing there for awhile.. First time a piece of music had done that in awhile. 

; :)